We are happy to offer you our unique high performance hovercraft for sale Our hovercraft are available as turn key hovercraft, as well DYS hovercraft kits for home builders.
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How about shallow water? Where all boats stop… this is just the begining for the hovercraft. Let’s take a look in this best ever hovercraft on board video ever recorded…
How about white water and rapids? If you have a hovercraft,mostly that is not a question or a problem :)
How about land to water transitions… and water to land… again… it’s simply that simple as shows hovercraft video below
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HoverCentre hovercraft
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HoverCentre - Hovercraft manufacturer and supplier

Hovercraft are fully amphibian air cushion vehicles, they hover on cushion of air and fly over various surfaces like land, water, snow, ice, white water, mud, grass and more. Hovercraft will simply take you everywhere. Hovercraft are 100 % environment friendly vehicles. Hovercraft do not damage the vegetation where they hover. Hovercraft leave no tracks behind. Hovercraft make no waves like a boat. Hovercraft are simply awesome vehicles, easy to learn and fun to fly. Unlike any other vehicles. We are hovercraft manufacturer and supplier of light high performance hovercraft for personal and professional use. Just imagine where hovercraft can take you. Let’s save words and watch the video. Hovercraft will take you safe to any destination in winter time, over the water either over the ice. Ice fishing, or just safe and reliable transportation or joy ride… hovercraft is all you need…
Hovercentre hovercraft